Reclaim Your Narrative

Connect With Yourself

Reclaim Your Narrative (ENG)

This workshop is in English.

Are you aware of the story you tell to yourself? What’s the tone? Do you value your needs the same way you value the needs of others? How does this narrative effect the way we see ourselves?

This workshop is offering a space to connect with yourself and others. A great way to start your evening and night to increase awareness of how we might value our desires or share the story of ourselves.

Using movement, meditation, pair and group exercises, we will
* practice holding space for one another
* experience authentic connection with ourselves and each other by uncovering the stories and undertones we may or may not have been aware of
* give space to encounter our shadows, fears, and imbalances
* develop deeper self love and acceptance by owning your story and asking ourselves what we can learn from them

Sa, 14.12.2019
14:00 – 16:00

Die Diskussion ist gratis, wir freuen uns jedoch über eine kleine Spende für die Sprecherin.


My mission is to bring more joy and pleasure into the world through movement, workshop facilitation and co-creations.

I’m fascinated by human connections, intimacy and authenticity. Recently my curiosity has been around questions how we navigate in the roles we take, what’s our narrative and how to hold multiple perspectives. I’m Certified Integral Facilitator and Engineer (M.Sc.).

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